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Holding @ Gunpoint, Shot in Back

As these topics come up frequently, I thought this was an interesting story. A pawnbroker was holding a robber/shoplifter at gunpoint, but things got out of hand. Gunpoint, as it turns out, isn't as simple as it sounds (which as been the point of several threads). A fight ensued with another individual helping the pawnbroker. The robber breaks free and is shot in the back as he ran. Lethal force was apparently justified in the situation.

The robber was arrested and the pawnbroker was not.

While the article says the gun was fired during the scuffle, it is stated in the vids and appears in the vids that the gun was fired when the combatants were separated.

Of course, why you would hold somebody at gunpoint and have a gun on a table within reach is beyond me...but that apparently was the case.

This took place in Miami, Florida.
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