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You guys have made sense of your 22 caliber cartridge selections for pigs, and I have shot pigs with my 223 and my 220, and done pretty well with them. I suppose that my specific needs are a bit different from yours, in that I hunt a more open area and have managed to make the pigs a bit gunshy. I'll see them up close sometimes, but I can't rely on that. Last year, after I had hunted them steadily, they found a little pocket on the edge of the woods that was almost exactly 325 yards from my closest box blind. Those pigs are pretty smart, and I guess they felt safe there. I shot a few of them with the 220, but it just wouldn't drop them, so I upgraded to that 260. With that, I dropped a few till they started avoiding that place too. So now my shots on pigs can vary anywhere from 30 yards to over 400, and rarely do they stand still. My 270 would work for that use, but I've really grown fond of the 260 for all-around hunting. It's a stout enough round that bullet placement isn't so critical on the pigs. It's good to have a little room for error when the shot is 300ish, with a south wind, and the pig is walking fast. I think they walk fast because they fear me, and fear me they should.
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