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Will it fit?

Hey guys, I'm new here but already this forum has answered some questions I have had. However, I recently joined to ask one of my own. I just ordered a remmington 700 sps Tactical and I'm planning on buying this scope

Nikon sells 4 different combo packages for this scope however I'm stuck on this one that includes the sunshade tube, but will need rings to mount onto the base which is in another option for this scope.. They include "Burris Xtreme Tactical 1 Inch Riflescope Ring Pair, Extra High 1in". My question is are these the rings I want?? I would be ordering them separately since they don't come in the combo. Do I want extra high rings?? I've read that people recommend the medium or low rings but will that be a clearance issue with this scope? Sorry for all the questions, this may be difficult to answer unless you know the dimensions or have the same gun/scope..

Thank you in advance!
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