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... And by the way, how much longer will his New Technique be...well, never mind ...
The techniques presented by the OP are far from new, and in fact quite old. They are standard techniques and manipulations which have been taught for over a half century.

Given the simple fact of this, it staggers the imagination that someone would deign to comment on them as though they are even novel, much less faulty or dangerous.

... At the start of this thread it seemed to me, that the position of B. Watson was being tossed aside in a way that seemed intolerant to the idea that the method and training he saw was not to his liking, his opinion.
He did not appear to be offering simply an opinion, but rather an assessment . He offered that "I have observed two practices that, to me, could prove fatal". He asked "Who is teaching this kind of gunfighting?" He went on to detail his experience as an instructor. I think that's part of what some of us find to be a head-scratcher regarding this conversation: How does someone consider himself to have the experience or knowledge to offer "opinions" on the matter, when the nature of his observations indicate that he has no idea what's been going on for the last 50 years? Not preferring something on the basis of having tried it is one thing. Not liking something based upon a simple, range-of-the-moment perception is still another. Not being at all aware of something so common is in a whole category by itself.

That is not adequately explained by noting that "not everyone is equally trained".

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