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Thought I was done, but...

If anyone cares to read my original posts #24 & #25. I made my point clear or so I thought. I have sought out the type of training described and it did not work for me. I have developed what I think works for me and practice / train that with the time I have. I do not shoot for sport, don't work in LE, not a hobbist, so I do what I think would help me in sd; not saying what else may help just what helps me.

The method of training described is not the only method. While it may be in the mind of some the best or most widely used by expert marksman and trainers, it may not work for everyone. Not all so-called expert trainers have the teaching tools to modify the method to help those that may use IWB carry at say 4 o'clock or something outside of what they teach normally. In my case I was trained by some one with not much intrest in helping me learn. Rather than listen to my needs, concerns and finding out a way to reach me where I was, they just went full steam ahead with this method is the way and you must adapt to it. In the second set of classes I took it was one on one, I insisted in paying by the hour and had 4 sessions, plus at home practice and it did not improve my comfort level.

At the start of this thread it seemed to me, that the position of B. Watson was being tossed aside in a way that seemed intolerent to the idea that the method and training he saw was not to his liking, his opinion. Other posters took the chance to extoll the virture of the training while suggesting that others have less training, knowledge than they do, so how could any one else know better. Will I for one know myself better and what works for me may not be for you. It seemed that persons so invested to this method have taken offense, and anyone that does not align themselves with the method is to be tossed out.

Posts and posters have been dissected line by line and rebuffed or rebuked in a manor the denotes that the dissector has a answer / explantion for everything. In my opinion thats what I call know it all-ism. not debate or even disagreement. We all come to this at different levels so can we be tolerent to others views without needing to be condescending. If persons don't like to be criticized then it's best to keep your views quiet, cause the second you let it out, somebody is gonna have a different view and say so. To me it seems persons don't like or don't want any other ideas mentioned here outside of what they themselves present.

I will crawl back to cover and let you all continue to duke it out.
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