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I am not criticizing those who have greater resources than I, nor those who choose to employ them differently than I. In fact, to an extent, I envy them. I do remember Elmer Keith's comment: I'm always learning (or words to that effect). I also recall some of the books published by Cooper back when I first started reading gun publications in the late 1950s. And by the way, how much longer will his New Technique be...well, never mind.

There was a time also when I was expending much more of my resources than I am on shooting exercises, which contributed to much of my thoughts and opinions on the subject. But priorities do change and other expenses loomed high for a while. So resources were allocated to more important projects. We now have two children who have finished school (from a school named after their great-great-great-great-great grandfather, on their mother's side, you understand). We also just finished marrying one of them off (remember the daughter-got-married thread) and we have zero debt.

I probably talk too much about my kids.
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