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I have a IWB from Kramer leather. I like it. It screws to your belt rather than clips. I hate clips and snaps. Though it would be nice to be able to take it off without some joker offering to stuff a dollar down my shorts, I couldn't put it back on without all but dropping trou anyway, so it works.

If you get leather- Wear undershirts. In the first place, that lets an untucked T shirt work as your cover garment in hot weather. In the second, the dye will still bleed. Better on an undershirt, than a T shirt you like.

Being somewhat larger than you, I'd have loved it had he reinforced the opening with kydex. I can still re-holster through the opening, but the little bittypart of the sweat shield that is above the opening for the safety area isn't as reinforced, and tends to fold over just enough to irritate.

There's a place out of Florida that makes an almost all leather IWB with a Kydex mouth sewn in. But he uses snaps, so it's always something
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