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Originally Posted by Woody55
....In Texas, you can use force or deadly force to defend another under the same circumstances you could use force or deadly force to defend yourself. So basically, you are talking about a reasonable belief that the other is in imminant danger of losing his life or sustaining severe bodily injury.

...I figured out that the DA has to prove - beyond a reasonable doubt - that your fear was NOT reasonable....
A little too superficial an analysis.

You will need to present evidence that all requirements for justified use of lethal force were satisfied. But even if you don't have to "prove" it, you must be convincing. The less convincing you are, the easier it will be for the DA to meet his burden of proof and overcome your claim of justification.

But in any case, this thread has been beaten to death. Interesting discussion, but no conclusion is possible.

So we'll call it a day.
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