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lol after seeing all these great 1911's I have to did you all get those pics looking so sexy and professional with all the fancy backdrops, etc?? Did any of you actually hire a photographer?

It truly is like reading Playboy.....ya know.....the classy P-O-R-N

Agreed--Many of these pics are breathtaking (in particular when compared to mine, for example, which was taken with an "average" cell-phone camera at best, namely, a Galaxy Nexus S). I am already "in-line" for the new Galaxy Note II which has a much nicer camera (it's big and I call it a phablet).

I would bet 80% of the pics were via a cell-phone but would think that some of the gems that are even staged were "shot" by some serious multi-media hardware!
Really it is not that hard to take a good pic even with a cell phone these days. It is all about the light and the back drop. You can build a simply light box out of PVC and a few clip lamps with the right bulbs to produce nice images. I am by no means a good photographer but with a simple setup and a $500 Cannon I can take these type of pics.

Here is a great link with all the info you need. To take great pics. I love this design because you can change the size if you want. It is also easy to change the back drop whenever you want.
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