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I just never realized the importance of carrying hot. There's no other way for me to explain that. In my mind I always rationalized that taking a second to rack the slide wasnt a big deal....and now I know better specially after watching the Tueller drill.

Here's my deal: I never spoke with a large group of experienced shooters, SD experts, and overall gun enthusiasts before like this. Ever. My 2 buddies who I occasionally shoot with barely carry so I never compared notes with them. My local gun shop where I spend at least 1 day a week never makes mention of condition 1. I sit and chat with them before and after range shoots but we talk about EVERYTHING except that...or maybe I just never listened. I am a guy who basically taught myself to shoot and handle firearms...and now I realize that it was a bad practice and I understand how truly important it can be to carry C1 in a real life situation.

I learn by asking LOTS of questions...sometimes at my own expense but at least its open honest discussion.

Thats the experience of being a newbie here. I am absorbing information at an unbelievable rate and have learned more in a month on here than in my 6 years of shooting! Im not too big to admit it

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