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You are right...and it does seem funny to me already. Im a young healthy confident guy....spent plenty of time in the gym and carry myself just fine at 6'1 220lbs.

But I'm telling ya, once that Glock goes hot on my person I am stripped from that confidence and have to REEEEALLY work at it without fixating. Im sure that because Im making a conscious effort now to carry condition 1 everywhere I will go away soon. Once I get home and suit up Im sure I will have made more progress already in 24 hours. Ive carried for a couple years now but this is a TOTAL game changer for me!

My problem is, Ive shot handguns for about 6 years now but only recently I have made a real effort to carry responsibly, and make an effort to take SD classes to improve as a shooter. I am making up for lost time and bad practices
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