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Thank you Constantine, Sparks, Don and all others....and even Space for switching gears to contribute to the thread. Its appreciated.

I am happy to update that tonight will be my first 24 hours of carrying everywhere (except work) with one in the pipe. Im carrying Federal 124gr Hydra-Shock +P JHP in 9mm. Yesterday after work, I loaded up....practiced holstering and handling with my finger far from the trigger as always. I practiced, sitting, reaching, and simply walking around knowing a round was chambered. I went to a few places carrying IWB as I always do....including a trip with my daughter. Ill admit, the apex of my anxiety was picking her up and carrying her knowing that I had a hot gun holstered. It wasnt as bad as I thought but still alarms me. I think a few weeks it will subside...

Thanks again
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