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I got to talk to an Insensitive Munitions expert, the military segregates munitions by type in storage. His bad example was of people putting all sorts of different chemicals in the same building as munitions (lawn mower gas, paint thinner) and different munitions, which only a few are gunpowder based. This stuff will outgas and the combination of weird molecules has caused Kaboom’s, or at least it will take very little to cause a Kaboom with some of the gas mixtures that resulted.

Call me paranoid but my black powder is stored well away from my smokeless and my primers. I understand black powder is real easy to ignite and I don’t want it to be the initiator for something worse.

This house hold gunpowder explosion is blamed on rags, cleaning chemicals, but it lifted the patio slab!

I found on a different site more pictures, the damage was severe.

Explosion rocks Representative Wood’s home

5 Oct 2012

The explosion managed to move about 4,000 pounds of patio concrete.

“It was so powerful it lifted the whole concrete slab up and moved it a couple of inches to the south. The patio roof collapsed. The flames shot out from underneath,” Martin said.
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