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You asked for experiences and is it safe and is it comfortable.

I used to carry a snub and occasionally a Makarov appendix. Thus, first the positives: It was comfortable for me. I do find concealment was less of a concern, it was easy and it was in a place I could tell if my shirt was in a postion to potentially flash someone. Positioning in public to avoid exposing your weapon to potential BG was easy. I wouldn't carry anything I felt was unsafe anyway, so having it pointed in a bad direction was only of slight concern.

The negatives: a loaded gun is always pointed somewhere you REALLY don't want to have a bullet pass through. I know I said it was minimal concern, but I still thought about it - c'mon we are talking about a REALLY bad place to have a bullet pass through.

I stopped carrying there as I went to carrying a slightly larger CZ P-07. Now, I would never carry anywhere but behind the hip. It is far more comfortable for me in nearly every position, and it allows me to carry a larger piece which I shoot more accurately at every distance, which is tantamount to any downside. The only slight downside is non-chalontly assuming the "interview position" in public places.
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