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Space your posts are unproductive, pointless, childish and annoying. Troll elsewhere.

I see you revised your last post, but still I find your original post offensive and pointless.

Sparks I at least appreciate where your focus is with that last post. As I mentioned at least 5 times already in this's a combination of the gun AND my own handling that makes me hesitant to carry my G26 with one in the pipe. I dont fear the striker fired/non external safety features, or else I would have traded this gun long ago. I love the Glock....been shooting Glocks for 5+ years now but yes, admittedly, the confidence to keep a round chambered isnt 100% there yet. Im working on it because I want to carry as safely and responsibly as possible.

At least Im honest enough to admit that...some of the cowboys out there need to slow it down a notch and realize not everyone can flip the switch overnight to a FULL locked and loaded 24/7 carry lifestyle. Might take me weeks, might take months. At least I admit to making an effort
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