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Don't have room to store ammo in my safe. The guns in my safe are all stored with loaded magazines.

All my other ammo remains in original factory boxes and is stacked by caliber in the bottom of a three unit wall cabinet that I have in the upstairs loft in my house. The house is temperature and humidity controlled which will prevent any deterioration or corroding of the ammo.

The ammo is out of view as those three bottom shelves have solid doors as opposed to the glass doors on the rest of the unit.

Recently have begun to run out of storage space in those units and have been storing ammo I buy by the case in the bottom of closet in an upstairs den near my range equipment.

With the price of ammo becoming increasing more expensive, my shooting buddies and I are doing bulk buys in quantity. Doing it this way, pardon the pun, we get more bang for our bucks.
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