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I don't have experience with the .260, but have hunted/culled many hundreds of wild pigs over nearly 30 years.
I used a 22-250 for a number of years. The 22-250 is flat shooting & accurate & will drop the largest pig with one shot if hit correctly. Even with running pigs I found a decent hit with the 22-250 was enough to anchor the pig for a quick follow up shot.
I've used mid calibers such as .243 which also work well, but for Texas heart shots on large pigs, I found the need for a follow up shot with a .243, much the same as needed with the 22-250.
Once you start on the 30 calibers such as .308 & 30-06, the pigs drop where they are shot even with Texas heart shots.
I recently bought a CZ .375 H&H which is fun to use on hogs, but interestingly enough the largest pigs I'VE seen were shot by a mate with a Sako .222, running head shots.
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