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I've been carrying religiously since 1989. In all of that time, I've [thankfully] never needed to resort to pulling that weapon [not including while working in full-time LE]. I should also point out a few facts: I go out of my way to avoid conflict of all kinds. That includes "fightin' words", staring contests, going to bars, night clubs, parties, or participating in those stupid, mobile confrontations that result in "road rage". I strive to remain in "condition yellow" at all times. However, the gun is my final recourse in the face of unprovoked, criminal attempts on my life, or that of my loved ones. It is for the time that avoidance, vigilance, retreat, talking, pepper spray, or empty hands might not be enough. Since I don't know when, or if, such a dire situation will befall me, I am ALWAYS armed. It is analogous to the spare tire in your car: You never know when or if you'll need it, but if the time comes that you do need'll probably need it in the worst way. Therefore, you always have it in your vehicle. Same logic applies.
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