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Interesting thread............lots to think about here.............

What someone said about sanity comes across as the counterweight to it all. Don't know how often it is, maybe most of the time!, but when Louann and I hit the woods, as soon as the trees close in around the dirt road and the gate hitches shut, the blood pressure goes down.

Some days we'll spend a couple of hours just idling down the roads looking at the trees, flowers and now and again snatching up the binoculars to inspect a animal of some sort. Other times we cut wood, or mend a fence or run the tractor down a few fire lanes.......and then there are the times we "hunt".

Less hunting than anything else BUT everything else is in preparation for and support of the "hunt"...........and what is hunted?

In our case it's more and more about the afore mentioned "sanity".......well worth every dime.

Especially as the sister in law NEVER shows up in the woods!!!!
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