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The 1911's record in service is a good one to be sure, but it's spread over many manufacturers besides was a Browning design, not Colt...and before I get flamed
Correct - but - ....
(& no flames)
Colt is still the owner of "the legend" - regardless of who actually manufactured the gun to fill the war time need.

Here's what I found as far as WWII production numbers:

"During the war, about 1.9 million units were procured by the U.S. Government for all forces, production being undertaken by several manufacturers, including Remington Rand (900,000 produced), Colt (400,000), Ithaca Gun Company (400,000), Union Switch & Signal (50,000), and Singer (500). "

Colt - as the figures above show - really only made 1/4 of them.
However - I'd bet that if you asked 1000 WWII vets what sidearm they carried, darn near all would say "A Colt .45".

Legends are like that..
Colt is to the 1911 like Kleenex is to facial tissue.

Oh - & Chris,,,
I'm not looking for any kind of fight.
You asked a simple question (Does that cover it?) & I gave you a simple answer.
Matter of fact, by your own admission you seem to view, what up until your post had been a friendly discussion - as an argument.
If you want to "argue" fine - knock yourself out. I won't be joining you.
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