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I'm full length sizing. I'm not contradicting myself. I'm not measuring the brass before I trim it. I set the trimmer to 1.750 using the required measurements, and check it against a known trimmed case.

The problem is that some cases have a shoulder depth that's different. This means that some cases will get trimmed properly, and others won't.

I have my trimmer set to 1.750, and some cases will come out at 1.750. Others it'll trim it SUPER short, and a few cases later, i'll put one in and it will not even take anything off, and I'll measure it just to be sure and it'll be WAY long. like 1.775ish.

If I set it to 1.750, I want it to trim my cases to that length. I'm not going to adjust it for each case, that's not how the tool was designed to work.

The screws are tight, I'm not completely oblivious.

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