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Deja vu: With the large population of wolves we have. A coyote would have to be invisible to stay alive in wolf habitat here. Wolves they are indeed moving and spreading out to the South and East. Wisconsin has had many more sightings these last few years than usual as Michigan also. Back in the early 70s that Endangered Species Act. Those in charge. Their plan or idea was to protect the Gray Wolf and not inhibit them in any way in hopes to bring there population back up to 12-1400 max for the available habitat here in Northern MN. Well after 30 plus years. The Gray Wolf was recently removed from (The List) at the behest of our Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Apparently the re-population plan exceeded the Agency's desires and we now have 3 to 5000 and as many as 7000 possibly. You just got to love them politicians. lol
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