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RsqVet Although the bullet is not contacting the feed ramp in the photo I showed, I believe that suggests a problem with the slide binding as it comes forward. After firing several rounds, I can see a bronze streak half way up the feed ramp to the chamber from the PMC FMJ I'm shooting. Maybe I should switch ammo, and see if that makes a difference in reliability, although I've been happy with it in my other guns. Attached are images of the factory mags for the AMT .45 Backup, Kimber .45 Ultra Carry II, and Colt .45 Govt Model, Series '70. The only thing I noticed different about the feed, was how much harder it was to push the round out of the magazine in the AMT. Maybe the lip edges are rough creating friction on the moving cartridge. It's one thing I have not yet fluffed and buffed.
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