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I have had the series 80 firing pin block drop down, stop on the back of the frame, and that took time to figure out why the pistol was jammed. You cannot clear this by racking or tapping, you have to push the firing pin block back in.

That, and that side safety, which can be on, when you want it off, or off, when you want it on, have made me leery of the M1911 as a self defense pistol.

I had the transfer bar break on this Super Blackhawk. I have owned this revolver since 1982, dry fired it an ungodly number of times, shot it too, and this part broke.

Ruger transfer bar mechanisms, they fail “safe”. The pistol will not fire if the transfer bar is not there. You can view that as a good thing, you can view it as a bad thing.

Purchased a transfer bar from Ruger, a couple of file strokes and I got the pistol functional again.

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