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Re the video clip linked in your post 2675, Mr. Cefalu seems to be of the opinion that, "the system works", which I take to mean that in the end, truth will out, and he will be vindicated, he thinks.

I hope that it turns out that he is right, that the truth favors him, and that it really will come out. Realistically, I just don't think that it will, this based on my perhaps jaundiced view of things. Of course, I'm 79 years old, and I've not led a particularly sheltered life, and then I might not know what I'm talking about.

Our Sec. of State, we are told, has "accepted responsibility". As I recall, then Attorney General Janet Reno did too, and aside from a bunch of people getting killed, what happened, nothing much as I recall, but them perhaps my memory isn't worth much these days.

Maybe Cefalu is right, maybe "the system does/will work". As I view the things, the system works, but only for those who operate it. Cefalu is not one of those. Meanwhile, regarding the fiasco of Operation Fast & Furious, a bunch of people have been killed, mostly Mexican nationals, shot with firearms that a run away agency of the U.S government "walked" across the border. Has anyone been punished over that? Not that one would notice, yet Cefalu believes that "the system works". I hope that he's right, but personally speaking, I wouldn't bet much on that idea.

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