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In 1974, I took an oath to uphold the law and protect and serve the residents of the state I served in. In 2001 I retired but, as far as I’m concerned that oath was not for the term of my employment but, whenever possible for life. With the information given, an unprovoked attack by a very large human who was repeatedly striking an unarmed person with the intent of causing serious harm or death, I would have to get involved. The attacker made a decision to use deadly force against another human, so he has to understand there are consequences for his actions, and one of those may be getting shot at close range.

In my 28 years in law enforcement, as most cops, I saw way to much mindless violence and I abhor it, yet there are some people who will only respond to a violence that exceeds their capacity for violence. I also abhor the fact that we as a nation have become a violent society that folks such as me, rightly, feel the need to go armed much of the time.

I don’t know what the answer to our problems is, but I do know it’s time the majority of good honest folks stop coddling the small minority, and let them know their days of trying to run rough shod over the rest of us are over.
Sorry for the rant, but boy do I feel better now.
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