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Unfortunately, with having to wait almost an hour between turns, I ultimately spent 4 hours just so that I could shoot for a total of 2-3 minutes.
You must have some fairly big squads in your matches. Here they're kept down to about 7 to 10 people (max) for all level matches. We can easily shoot 6 to 8 stages in a one-third day that way, especially if there's a few classifiers. You should see how they hustle you around the stages in level 3 competitions like at the nationals when you have more than 20 stages to shoot. You barely have time to reload! Anyway, you're supposed to be helping to patch and stuff between turns so you shouldn't be getting bored.

But between major range stage locations at half-time you get to eat whatever is on the range BBQ and hang out for an hour or so shootin' the s**t. One of my favorite parts of the match!

I hear that with ISSF pistol events at the Summer Olympics, you can have more than a day between turns. That's even worse.
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