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Also, I'll crank up the power when I'm calling and scanning areas where I'm at least 90% sure there's an active yote den.
"Scanning areas" with a riflescope?

Having been "scanned" by someone doing that, I take a pretty dim view of individuals using their riflescopes for binoculars.

I'm with 10-96, get the higher magnification, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. All my Varmint scopes are 16-18X on the high side. Bubba will tell you 3X9 is fine because that's what he's got and mybe a shot can be made but the higher X makes it easier to make the longer shot, IMO.
Anything over 4X makes it harder to hit running game or make snap shots due to the small field of view .... and very large scopes are more in the way as often as not.

....."All my varmint scopes" ..... tells me you divide what trigger time you have between many different rifles ..... I don't have enough time with one gun....
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