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I have had one of each, but...

--Revolver was a 6" S&W M27. Locked up and would not open without some effort. Turns out the Gun Show reloads I bought were loaded a bit long, and maybe not so well crimped. Seems that the rounds jumped crimp a bit.

--Semi auto was my wife's Springfield XD. Again, someone else's reloads. One with a high primer chambered (almost all the way) but would not fire and the slide would not budge. On-sight gunsmith had the right tools (vice and a hammer) and got it open.

...the common denominator is OPH (Other Peoples' Handloads).
At a certain point I started loading my own. I'm not going to say that I've never had the slightest problem, but if I do, I know who to talk to about it.
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