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You can live with it. Cheapest and easiest. Doesn't sound like the function is impaired. You can do a search on the archives of this site and find dozens of suggestions to try and improve the appearance. There is really no reason or easy way for me to try and repeat all the prior discussions of this. It is a frequently made inquiry. Absent a gunsmith or rebluing there is no quick way to fix it 100%. You can have it professionally reblued at whatever cost. You do need a better lubricant. Here is a bottle of Hoppe's Gun Oil I have been using. It is much thicker than rem oil. Rem oil is a fine oil like sewing machine oil is. That stuff evaporates in a few weeks. I also think you may want to stop bragging on that guncase and stop using it. I have never heard anyone reccomend long term storage in a case. It trapped moisture in there , likely related to temperature change and rusted your fine firearm. There are a lot of gimmicks for sale. Some work , some don't. I'd put some dessicant or a goldenrod drier or something in that safe. You had or have a moisture problem.
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