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Watch out for kids coming to your house asking for candy they could be casing your house for when they grow up.
Very astute observation! I set up a pair of loudspeakers blasting Paul Anka, and I make sure all the tactical spotlights are set at full burn. (I'm told you can see the place from orbit.) The thing is, the children are often a distraction while Al Qaeda operatives sneak up from the back, so it's important to make sure you've got an eye out for tangos there as well. I cover my six by conducting bihourly perimeter searches in full ninja gear with an AR-15. The local HOA cries foul, but I won't be taken unawares.

Errrrm...really, it's Halloween. I give out candy to a few kids, and my dog gets to sniff new people. My biggest concern is people driving too fast down the road when there are children out.
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