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These threads seem to pop up fairly regularly. I agree that the prices of most items, especially NIB ones, at gun shows are outrageous compared to online prices and often local dealers. However, the shows have a much wider selection of items than any dealer I've ever seen.

This is why I still like to go every couple of months. I generally don't go to look for something specific. If I know what I want, I can find better prices online and have likely ordered it before the show began anyway. I go to look out for guns and accessories that I either haven't heard of or been able to see in person yet. If I find something new I like and it seems like a reasonable price, I might buy it. Otherwise I'll file it away in my "want" part of my brain and look online for prices and availability.

Case in Point: Early this year I was looking for a good mid-size semi-auto pistol that I liked simply because I don't own one yet (only have revolvers and now rifles, but not at the time). I found out at the Houston Gunshow while at school that I love the look and feel of a CZ 75 compact. However, here at home where I can actually buy a handgun legally without extra steps/stress, they seem to be non-existent. So now I know exactly what I want and just need to save up the funds and find it somewhere, likely online.

So for all of you guys that have been part of the hobby for decades, maybe the gun show scene isn't what you want or what it used to be, but for a relatively new shooter it's the best place to see a wide variety of different or sometimes even obscure items that just don't regularly show up in local shops.

It also helps that there is an ammo booth there that has a wide selection and prices that rival Walmart. So if nothing else, I can at least stock up on ammo every show I go to.
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