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For me, it depends.

I live and hunt in an area that's hardwood forrest. I rarely get to shoot at anything more than 50 yards away. In terms of hitting the pig, I think in terms of hitting a pie plate at that distance. My Winchester '94 (.30-30) and AR-15 are fine for that if the pig is stationary. If it is moving, I'm more like to hit it with the AR-15 that has an EOTech sight than the '94 which has iron sights. But I confess that moving makes it much more difficult because you have to miss all the trees - just tracking the target isn't enough; timing is an issue.

Another reason for the AR-15 is that these critters are nocturnal. If I'm going to ambush them, I can mount a light on the AR-15. (If someone wants to get me a thermal sight for Christmas, let me know and I'll give you my address).

As far as killing it goes, both these rounds work just fine for the pigs I typically see around here at those distances. While there is a genetic drift towards their imported Russian Boar ancestors, they aren't exactly heavily armored.

If I did hunt on the edge of someone's pasture, I'd lose the '94 if I was going to shoot past 100 yards and the AR-15 past 200 yards. It isn't that I don't think I'd kill them at that distance if I hit them in the right spot. I'm just not sure I'd hit them in the right spot. So past 200 yards, I'd switch to something with telescopic sights. For me, that's a .243 or a .308. Even so, a running target at 200 yards or more is not a sure thing for me.
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