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Scorch, thank you, your reply was so brief I took it as meaning if I did not understand what snubbing meant that I should just move on. And when no other help showed up I figure I was asking in the wrong area.

Please tell me what you mean by snubbing and we can move forward.

I did measure the two cylinders from face to the top of the ratchet teeth and they are almost exactly the same.

I did try installing the new cyl without the ring and the hand cannot be seen working with the ratchet. The smith I spoke with before (east coast) had me try cocking without the ring because he said the usual problem was fitting the ring to the frame but it did the same thing with and without the ring.

I'm still thinking its about fitting the hand but I'm just not sure what the correct way to take off material is. Is ther an angle I need to maintain, or just stoning it flat or what.

There are books that discuss how to fit a hand in a Colt revolver/clone
I'm sure there are, do you have any suggested titles that you know of that are good?

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