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My three rifle calibers that I own right now bigger than a 22LR are .223 , .270 , & 30-06. For the range and movement you describe I'd use my bolt action .270 since it is scoped for my normal whitetail hunting (2.5 to 7 power). It is a daylight only gun.

I've shot small to medium pigs at less than 100 yards with my .223 AR-15 (iron sights) mainly so I could have a faster second shot at an additional pig before they all scattered. They were mainly 60 yards or less. First pig dropped with a neck/ high shoulder shot. Had success with the faster second shot but the second shot placement was not as accurate, so I had to track the second pig for about 40 yards in brush. It was a one lung hit nearer to the diaphram. .223 just doesn't have the punch.

At night I use a Remington pump 30-06 and shoot them feeding over corn at 50 yards using a laser sight. They usually drop like a sack. Even a 400 pounder with a hit to both lungs and out the other side only ran 20 yards.

The main reason I shoot them is to slow their destruction of my fences. I wish they were all gone. With the 30-06 at night I'll take a butt shot and let it exit through the head or shoulder if that is all I'm presented with. Can't eat the old big ones! I think the 30-06 is lethal from any angle. None I have shot have survived.
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