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I went ahead & ordered a couple of these mags last week

Well my new mags arrived yesterday right on schedule and after looking at them I thought that they looked really good. Body is perfectly welded there do not appear to be any weak spots. I disassembled one and the follower is plastic (nylon) and does not appear to be cast in a mold but appears to be machined out of a solid block of material. The spring is crisp and the follower movement was very smooth. I was able to load them by hand but using the mag loader was much easier. They hold 30 rounds with the last 2 being a little tight but was able to load 30 rounds. Best part is that they fit my RPB M-11/380 subgun good & tight and ran like a sewing machine yesterday evening on the range. I only fired about 200 rounds but they went off without a hiccup. Bottom line is I like the mags and am planning on getting a few more from FTF Ind. now that I have tried them. $69.99/ea beats $150.00/ea that I have seen in the past and BTW since I ordered 2 and my order total was over $100 FTF waived the shipping charge.
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