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FWIW, my Lee 4-station Classic (old style) press has been reloading for over 15 years. I have 5 turrets set up for my handgun ammo, and one extra turret I switch dies on for rifle cartridges. I also have three other single stage presses and two hand presses, and the Lee turret is as good as any press I have operated in 30 years (I also ran a friend's Dillon super-duper, everything automatic reloading machine a couple times). I also have a turret stuffed with Lee sizing dies. No reason to trade your's in...

Used primers; I have the priming tool installed on the ram and 99% of the primers punched out hit this tool and bounces out the hole in the side of the ram. My press is mounted on an alum plate which slides in and out of a fixture mounted to my bench. I have a 2" hole in the bottom of the plate and to remove used primers, I shake the press over my brass bucket.
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