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Along the same lines as the 357 short barrel, I am curious about the short barrel on my Kahr CM9. Because of this thread and some of the reading I've done, I first went with the Federal Hydra Shok 130 gr, and I am now going with the CorBon 140gr in the SP101. The BBTI charts show, however, that the 115fr CorBon +P is pretty nasty from a 3" barrel (Kahr CM9) compared to the others, but I read so much where most now are touting that the 115 is really too light. My thinking is that the faster 115 helps out the 3" barrel, do ya'll think this is a correct way of thinking, or like the 357 snub, do most advocate going a little heavier out of the pocket gun. I typically use 124gr +P Win Ranger T's or Gold Dots in the full size SIG P226
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