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I was asked above why a separate locked container in another area of the house. There are a few reasons...
1) Habit. It is what my dad and Boy Scouts taught me. I've done it since childhood.
2) Foster Care. Even fostering in a rural area where the Social Workers (both men and women) hunted, they wanted the ammo locked and separate. I didn't need guns in a safe, but I did need to use trigger locks. I totally agree with the policy for a number of reasons; but mainly because it is such a simple and effective accident prevention measure. I also think it is appropriate for any home, anytime. It may not be "needed", but it might help prevent accidents.
3) My wife. For the accident prevention reasons stated above. (We still "borrow" children all the time, we have ankle biter aged grandkids and great-grandkids, and we commonly care for the handicapped that have limited understanding.)
4) Organization. I have a 4'W x 2'D x 5'H four drawer heavy steel office filing cabinet. Top drawer has camping and outdoor stuff. Next drawer has shooting stuff (including ammo). Next has computing and office parts. Bottom has fishing supplies. I won't say the drawers are organized, but at least the equipment is grouped.
5. I don't want guns and ammo immediately visible - to anyone, especially BGs. If a BG does get in then at least they will be slowed down in needing to find it and then getting access.


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