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And the petition is in!

A hat tip to Krucam (MDShooters) and to David Hardy:

The petition is here.

John Monroe of Georgia Carry has just filed a Petition for Certiorari in the matter of Georgia Carry, Inc. v. State of Georgia.

The question presented is short and brief.

A single question is presented:
Does a state criminal law that targets religion, and is neither neutral nor generally
applicable, pass strict scrutiny muster under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment?
Those of you that read these legal briefs will be shocked, when you look at the Table Of Authorities. There are a mere 7 cases cited; Amendment 1 of the Constitution; a single cite to the FRCP; and a single cite to the U.S.C.

That's it.

The rest of the petition is also brief. Fourteen pages.

The 11th Circuit has departed from its sister circuits and recognized precedent of the Supreme Court. They were wrong in applying the test they concocted.

Should the Court grant cert, the matter may be resolved and disposed of by a single page Per Curiam order in granting certiorari. There is no need to go into a merits briefing stage nor is there a need for Oral Arguments. <-- This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. This is such a case.
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