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I am just shy of my one year of CCW . From the time I took my CCW class and when my permission card came in I carried when I was in my home. That way I could practice with my weapon . Bending over and reaching up. Also I practiced pulling my weapon from the holster ( unloaded at first) until I was comfortable knowing my booger hook was away from the trigger. I got my CCW back Dec. 2011 and the only time I do not carry is when I know it is illegal to do so ( Gov building or if I have to go into my daughters school) . If i don't have to go in those places then my weapon is with me. From day one I carried chambered (even though I was carrying a revolver) . Just recently I started to carry my semi ( just got a holster I felt comfortable with) . One in the pipe ready to go. For the next 2 weeks I have to be careful with clothing because it is a full size and OWB holster . Now come Nov 1st I won't have to worry about it being covered ( open carry in Oklahoma begins) .
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