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You're kidding, right?

I can understand having failures with Taurus because we all know they are all junk. Surely you guys are kidding about having problems with S&W, Colt, Kimber, Sig, and HK. We all know they are all perfect. Say it ain't so. Seriously, I realize any gun can have a problem at some time. It is the nature of mechanical devices.

The only problems I have had from my Taurus autos has been on account of some crappy reloads (my early ones). Fail to feed, eject, or stovepipe. Factory ammo was fine.

The only gun I broke was a Bersa Thunder 380.The lever to break it down just broke off and fell on my shooting table one time when I was shooting. I didn't even touch the lever before it broke. Another time the disconnect spring broke. That may have been my fault for shooting hotter than factory ammo with 100gr bullets or maybe I just got faulty parts. I am not bashing Bersa.
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