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SAAMI specs show your chamber maximum diameter 0.2" forward of the base is 0.553". Extending the taper back by 0.075" to meed the shell holder deck (0.125" high) makes it 0.5538". So you cases should fit in the Lee universal decapper. Call or e-mail Lee and ask.

Alternately, you can buy a Lee's .30 call decapper rod. Then take a ¾" spade drill and drill a scrap of 2×4 just deep enough to set the rim into. Then drill the center down another inch with a 3/8" drill to form the primer catch well. With that and a brass hammer, you can decap manually. Unless your loading more than a hundred at a time, that's not too terrible a task. Also, you can take this setup to the range with you to decap shells as soon as they come out of the chamber, while the carbon in primer pocket is still soft and falls out. At least one fellow thinks that helps extend bore life in high power rifles.
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