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How so?
I explained this already, lol. I like Colts. I own three of their pistols and one of their rifles. I was commenting on the argument. But you feel I'm bashing Colt

Colt has the name & the mystique.
The others simply don't.
That mystique is partly based on things that even Colt can't achieve today. Take for instance their bluing process from 1914 and compared it to their bluing process today. Since neither you nor I can do anything but live in 2012, then we must forget nostalgia when discussing 'the best' thing, be it a car or a firearm, a painting or a singer, that is available right now

If we do count on nostalgia, then the Singer 1911A1 must be one of the absolute "best available" based on the name and mystique. But do people crow about the perfection of that pistol? No, they crow about it's rarity

A pistol like an original Model of 1911 can't be 'the best' in many ways, and an important one is metallurgy. Simply put, compared to today, the metallurgy was bad. They didn't know how to really harden the slides. Even in WWII, the slides were 'half-hardened'

& as I mentioned in my initial post....
If it doesn't make sense to you it never will..
Some are going to agree w/it 100% - even if you feel it's "out in left field".
That's fine and well, but you need to read other people's comments more closely before you decide that they are disdaining something. For the third (and last) time, I like Colts. I chose a Colt Series 70 over many other and less expensive 1911 pattern pistols

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