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Lee's website

If you go to Lee's website, they used to have videos there showing you all of that stuff. That's the same kit that I have and I have well over 10,000 rounds loaded on it with only the auto indexer plastic washer malfunctioning. Bought more and found I really don't need them. The metal washer, yep, still haven't figured out what that is for and I've been using it for 3-4 years now so obviously I don't need it for what I do.

I load for pistols (380 ACP, 38 Spcl, 357 Mag, 40 S&W, 10mm, 9mm, and 45 ACP) and rifles (30 M1 Carbine, 204 Ruger, 223 Rem, 22/250, 308 Win, 300 WSM, 270 Win, 303 Brit, and 8mm Mauser) using this same old press. Yes, the spent primers sometimes miss going in the base, but nothing a vacuum won't suck up.

I use a Lee zip trim to trim all of my rifles cases. Can get a little labor intensive, but I don't do huge batches at one sitting either (too much ADD) in my blood to focus for much longer than a couple hours anyway. My wife got me a sonic cleaner for Christmas last year and I love it. I didn't buy one because I never saw the need. Still don't probably need it, but the cases look real good now and seem to cycle better and reload easier.
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