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My son and I went to the range yesterday to test some loads for his rifle, so I took my 111, 30-06 with the Leupold 3.5-10x40 TT on it. It shot right where it was supposed to, three inches high dead center, and this is how I mounted it.
1. First I zeroed the scope so that the reticle was centered in the scope.
2. I always use Leupold rings and bases, so I cleaned the screws with alchohol and added blue locktite to the threads and torqued them properly down to the barrel and reciever.
3. I set my ring bottoms in place, using the proper wrench for the front ring, and centering the rear ring, but I leave the rear ring screws loose for now.
4. I use ring alignment bars from the Wheeler scop mounting kit, and the align front and back rings and tighten up rear ring.
5. I'll use the lapping bar for the appropriate size rings ie, 1 inch or 30mm, and lap the rings until I have a 100% contact surface for my new scope. Also I clean all the lapping compound out of my rings.
6. I gently lay the scope into the rings and cap them, leaving them loose for now so we can plumb and adjust the scope for relief.
7. Once the relief is adjusted I remove front cap from front ring and clean screws with alcohol, and add a drop of "blue Locktite" to the threads and return the cap and screws to the front ring, and tighten lightly for now, and repeat process for rear ring.
8. I torque the ring screws as per Leupolds recommended torque setting.
9. I take it to the range and set target at fifty yds and get it on paper, then move out to 100 yds and zeroe the scope to my zero.

My scopes don't come loose, hopefully this will help anybody needing to do this job properly.
Thanks for coming!
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