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British newsagent bans shooting magazines for kids under fourteen

The joint is up in arms over this overreach. Newsagent WH Smith has placed a ban on under fourteen-year-olds from purchasing magazines featuring shooting sports or hunting. They came to this decision after being browbeaten by animal rights groups. The problem is they think this is "reasonable."

There is a possible boycott afoot and a representative of the Countryside Alliance stated "They are now going to face the backlash of the countryside rather than a handful of animal rights activists."

We shall see.


No shooting magazines for sale to under-14s

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Western Morning News

Country sports enthusiasts are furious at a decision by Britain's biggest newsagent to ban children from buying shooting magazines after a campaign by animal rights activists.

WH Smith says youngsters under 14 will not be sold shooting titles, even though it is legal to hold a shotgun licence below that age.

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