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If you have an Airweight you like, keep it. The LCR doesn't really have any advantages, and is a cheaper, less-established design. In my area it's also slightly more expensive.

My .38 LCR broke its trigger after only a couple of weeks. Ruger fixed it promptly, all on their dime, they replaced the transfer bar, but gave no assurances it wouldn't happen again.

The LCR hurts as much to shoot as an Airweight, actually, in my opinion, it hurts a bit more than my Centennial with the Smith rubber boot grips.

The LCR is light but slightly bulkier than my Airweight also, too big for front pocket carry with a holster in my experience.

Since I don't need two pocket revolvers that are painful to shoot, I am keeping my Airweight Centennial and will ditch the LCR at some point. At least the Airweight is a design of proven durability.

And Don't listen to anyone who SAYS the LCR has less recoil than an Airweight.
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