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As an owner of both, it would be hard for me to recommend one over the other, I like the Beretta because it will digest about anything you feed it, so will the Glock for that matter.

I find the M9 to be quicker on reloads, I suppose because the slide release is much easier to operate than the Glock. With the Glock, I have just trained myself to rack the slide after a new mag is slapped in and not to bother with the crappy slide release lever.

The slide on the Glock is easier to deal with because there is no safety on it, just grab it and rack it. With the Beretta I turn my wrist 90 degrees so I can grab onto the safety and rack the slide. Otherwise I have a tendency to put the safety on when I rack the slide, either pistol can be quickly reloaded without taking the muzzle off of the threat.

The trigger on the Glock vs DA/SA Beretta trigger, It's not an issue for me, I can understand how it would be for some though, maybe I'm just used to it, I don't even think I notice it, it's just second nature, and yes, I do sleep with my Beretta.

There are things about each that I like and don't like, I certainly would not feel handicapped by either pistol.
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