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While I am a Glock-o-phile and that is the only Semi-auto handguns that I personally own anymore.

I have owned 2 Beretta 92s (Inox and blued) and 1 Taurus PT92 (copy of Beretta).

I liked them, a lot. For a home defense/range gun/open holster carry, they are VERY nice. Silky smooth and very accurate. The only gun that I have ever been more accurate with was a Walther P5, which has a similar lockup.

They are big however. So if you are thinking about concealed carry, you need to evaluate the size for yourself before committing.

The Glocks are smaller, even the 17 (I prefer the 19) but they aren't as refined and they aren't as accurate for me. But they are lighter, smaller and easier to work on.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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